Frozen and Snowbound

We’re very proud of the service our community shop has provided during the snowy conditions. East Garston community shop has seen an increase in trade as the weather has prevented most people from leaving the village. The staff and volunteers have worked hard to keep supplies in, going out in 4 x 4’s to collect milk and bread when deliveries couldn't get through.

The snow has really brought out the community spirit in everyone, says shop assistant Penny Locke. “We are seeing new customers in the shop and people are volunteering to deliver groceries to the elderly.” By the end of the week the Ocado vans were starting to come back into the village but hopefully people will remember the good service that the local shop provided when they needed it and they will continue to use it..
(L to R) - Toby Quinn, Billy Tulloch, George Rich, Freddie Tulloch, Henry Prictoe & Haggis. Adam Quinn in background.

The recent closure of the Fruit & Veg shop in Hungerford is a sad reminder that if small shops aren’t used they will be lost.The much maligned 4 x 4 saves the day once again, as it has done throughout the entire country during these prolonged and dangerous freezing conditions. This type of vehicle has proved its worth over and over again. One can't help but wonder just how many people may possibly have gone hungry, or worse still, actually died if the "Green Fraternity" had, had their way?.

Deana Carpenter : Mark Brock : Gemma Lewis : Tracey Fairchild : Penny Locke : Sarah Ward




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