World Cup shown at the Social Club

Saturday night saw the first England game of the 2010 world cup, and the match was screened at the Social Club on the specially purchased, new wide screen television.. We had a packed bar of local residents who come to enjoy and savour the event. The atmosphere was fantastic when England scored the first goal with all the cheering imaginable. Then came the second goal scored by USA and the cheers turned to disappointed boos.....
Everyone enjoyed the evening which included a free buffet and a raffle. After of the game, Alan thanked all present for supporting the social club and hoped to see all and more back again on Friday for the next game. Our bar staff were kept very busy throughout, as one would expect them to be ~ taking £800 plus over the counter. A fantastic night full of friendly banter and excellent company.

The second England match was against Algeria, but unfortunately, as is often the case with the England Team, it turned out to be a lack lustre affair. However this failed to dampen the spirits of our members & friends - and a good time was had by all, despite the 0-0 result.


Again a free buffet was provided and again, our bar staff worked a very busy shift, so our thanks to you guys for keeping us all fed and watered during the match.      My thanks also to Lisa O' Neil for allowing us use of her photos within this report.


photos : Lisa O'Neil
text : Wendy Money





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