East Garston Village Events 2013

By far the largest event within the parish, is the annual village fete. You can sit back and enjoy the afternoon over a pint or two of real ale, or several glasses of Pimms, whichever is your poison - or you can join in with any or all, of a vast array of entertainment choices on offer.

Funds raised from the village fete were until 2011, shared between all the groups involved, but sadly this is no longer the case. However, from time to time, Village groups will organise a major fundraising event to further their own cause, such as The annual summer dance, which directly benefits the Social Club and Village Hall.

We are fortunate that here in East Garston, we have an abundance of talented people from all walks of life, who have the tanacity and ability to produce top class events time after time. These pages are a pictorial record covering the diversity of those events.

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